Sinapius - Pipers Brook, Tasmania

Sinapius (sin-ay-pi-us) Vineyard is in the heart of the Pipers Brook wine region in Northern Tasmania, above the banks of the Pipers Brook.  The vineyard, formerly known as Golders Vineyard, was purchased By Vaughn Dell and Linda Morice in 2005.  Both have spent time studying and working in the Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley and Margaret River and dreamt of returning home to Tasmania to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in what they believe is the premier location in Australasia.  In order to maintain the highest quality they aim to cap production at a maximum of 1,000 cases, from three hectares of close planted vineyard.

Currently Available

2017 Blanc de Noirs

2020 Riesling - Tamar Valley

2020 La Peau d'un - Gruner Veltliner

2020 Clem Blanc - Gris/Pinot Blanc/Gew/Chard Musque/Ries/Gruner

2018 Rose

2019 Close Planted Chardonnay 

2020 Esme Rouge - Gamay

2019 Close Planted Pinot Noir